Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Final Fantasy VII Cosplay Poll

Probably, when you conduct a poll about the final fantasy characters, it is a bet that the first role firstly comes to most people’s mind is Cloud strife. The reason is that the video game final fantays vii  is a classic in the eyes of the most players. And then is that Cloud is really an impressive boy in the game. All his merits that I have discussed in my former posts, so it is unnecessary to repeat it, but if you have any other opinions welcome to share your with us.
And even though Cloud is a perfect individual, as regards the cosplay, not all the cosplayers could do a perfect Cloud cosplay and not so many are willing to do this imitating. Just because he is an outstanding boy that it is hard for us to do such kind of cosplay. On the other hand, there are generally different purposes of cosplay, so if you are just for the purpose of having fun in the show, then it is a quite easy cosplay for you. However, some of you in pursuit of perfection and somewhat of art, in this case, we can say that it is really difficult.
And finally I want to conduct a roll: Boys and girls, who would be the first choice for your cosplay in Final Fantasy VII?

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