Monday, March 25, 2013

Sexy Final Fantasy XII Fran Cosplay Girls

There are always so many charming and individual female characters of Final Fantasy series. And Fran of course is one of them. And it is a safe bet that a lot of boys and guys are into this sexy ff girl.

picture credit

As for final fantasy xii Fran, she is a viera warrior and the oldest character of this series but still possesses young appearance with white hair, and wears different clothing from the other characters of FF XII, we would recognize her as long as we see the sexy accoutrement. 

When speaking of the sexy final fantsy girls, Fran would come to our mind, right? Because of the revealing and sexy clothes and the dark skin tone, plus outstanding skill and intelligence, Fran cosplay holds tons of cosplayers’ interest all the way. Take a look at these Fran cosplay girls, they are eye-catching, right?

Monday, March 18, 2013

Vivid Final Fantasy Aerith Gainsborough Cosplay

It looks like that I would always be attractive by final fantasy Aerith Gainsborough cosplay, what about you? On the one hand, it is because that Aerith is one of my favorite FF characters, and the hairstyle and the costumes of this elegant girl is quite noticeable on the other hand. And today I would like to share a beautiful cosplay girl who is showing beautiful and vivi Aerith Gainsborough.

Picture Credit
FF Aerith Gainsborough is an independent, kind and outgoing girl. The typical long brown hair is drawn back in a thick plait with a large pink ribbon tied around it with the bangs framing her face on the sides, and she has emerald green eyes. In one word, she is a charming and popular girl.

As for Aerith cosplay, there are different costumes of her for girls to make choice. And this red piece is one of the most popular choices, which would make girls become elegant and pretty Aerith. This final fantasy cosplay is relatively easy but quite recognizable.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Sexy Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Tifa Cosplay

Hey, this is sexy and beautiful final fantasy vii advent children Tifa Lockhart cosplay!! And it of course is one of the best Tifa cosplays I have seen in 2013, yeah, this cosplayer Princess just makes amazing job, probably, many of us would be misled by her look-alike face and body shape, “wow, it’s Tifa Lockhart, eh, it is Tifa cosplay!!”

Picture Credit

The black Tifa cosplay costume looks indeed beautiful and fits this charming girl perfectly. And Princess has beautiful figure, especially her bust :D I also love the gloves and shoes :D I am attracted by this final fantasy vii Tifa Lochart cosplay. So, I am here sharing it with you, hope you like it or get inspiration from it^^

Monday, March 4, 2013

Beautiful Final Fantasy X Lulu Cosplay

Have you seen this beautiful final fantasy x Lulu cosplay? I found her by chance and I was attracted by her the minute I saw her :D This is one of the best ff Lulu cosplays I have ever seen, what do you think of it?

Picture Credit
       Finl fantasy Lulu is one of my favorite characters, she is elegant, beautiful and sexy in my heart, and cosplay Lulu is also a challenging job, hence some girls would avoid such kind of imitation, but some are just into complicated style of clothing. Anyhow, we would admit that final fantasy x Lulu cosplay would make cosplayers quite striking as long as they put on the gorgeous costume.

This cosplay girl has look-alike face and body shape as Lulu, so she just find the great cosplay for herself that could help her express her charm to the fullest. What a pretty black mage here! It would be perfect if she has larger bust.
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