Thursday, April 5, 2012

Final Fantasy Yuffie Cosplay

I don’t know, I just love final fantasy Yuffie, her name, her accoutrments and all about her. Yeah, Yuffie is cute and sweet in my heart. And so when my friends ask me for cosplay suggestions, Yuffie would be one of the charactersfirstly comes to my mind. I love seeing cosplay girls do this final fantasy cosplay. It seems that whoever portrays her looks charming to me.
Of course, this girl is more suitable for the cosplayers are slim with medium height and cute face. Yuffie is a cunning and cute girl with short balck hair. Although she is glamourous enough to capture both boys’ and girls’ heart, when it comes to cosplay ff Yuffie, more often than not, girls will even more like to do this cosplay.
The cosplay girl in the picture does a great job, and I was attracted by her at the first sight. She looks really similar as the imitated character, and her cosplay costume is beautiful.

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