Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Final Fantasy X-2 Gun Mage Yuna Cosplay

On my part, I love every accoutrement final fantasy Yuna has in the games, with no exception of this ff x-2 Gun Mage Yuna attire. And I am really into the color of purple in my daily life, it looks magical, elegant and beautiful. Hence, this Yuna costume is quite appealing in my eyes. In addition, I love the design of the clothing, the close-fitting top, detached sleeves with trumpet-formed cuffs, and the long shirt has her name “YUNA” on it. It could help girls to display a sexy and good body shape to the fullest.
In this way, speaking of this final fantasy cosplay, it is a good choice for the fans of Yuna and the cosplayers who are willing to show their nice figure by means of wearing certain cosplay dress.
As for me, it is really hard to put on this dress in the show because I am not used to reveal my stomach in public. But who knows, maybe I would have it on someday.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Beautiful Final Fantasy Tifa Cosplay

Whoa! This is really perfect! Do you think so? It can be said that this is one of the best final fantasy Tifa cosplays, probably, some of us would make a mistake that thought she is Tifa but not a cosplayer.

Yeah, on the one hand, the cosplay costume contributes a lot to it, because the outfit looks great, not something coarse. In this way, we could see clearly that a good piece of clothing would help our cosplay a lot. On the other hand, this cosplay girl has Tifa’s face to some extent, which makes her closer to the imitated character. Plus her similar poses with Tifa does in the film. All of these make this beautiful final fantasy cosplay.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Final Fantasy X Lulu Cosplay

For me, when speaking of the complex or challenging cosplay, final fantasy Lulu cosplay must be included in it. And I am always curious about the decent and complex cosplay costume, and wondering what will happen if I put in on? Yeah, I know it is impossible for me to do that, because it is so difficult for me to do that.

Ok, this cosplay girl does a perfect job, right? She looks really the same as Lulu, his beautiful hairdo, particular her cosplay costume is amazing, and plus her decent makeup, yeah, she brings final fantasy lulu in front us. I love her cosplay.
So, if you want to try something challenging and noticeable, this final fantasy cosplay is a good choice.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Final Fantasy Cloud Cosplay: Kids’ Show Time

Hey! Don’t forget any of us could cosplay our favorite character, of course including the kawaii kids. Here is an attractive final fantasy Cloud cosplay kids walking up to us. It seems that Cloud is deep in thought with his head looking down. Comparing with some of the cosplayers, this chibi Cloud cosplay is no less awe-inspiring.
 More often than not, the special appeal of the little child would hold much more attention in the show. They are kawaii, adorable and sweet because of their small figure and naive faces and eyes. What it would be if there is a group of kids doing the final fantasy cosplay, Tifa, Lightning,Yuna, Rikku and Sephiroth and so forth.
This little cosplay boy has got suitable cosplay costume, wig and the sword. He displays us a vivid FF Cloud. It looks like that we see the childhood of Cloud in front of us. If you have little sister or brother, daughter or son, do not hesitated to take them into the show!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Black Hair Girls from Final Fantasy for Cosplay

Who would come across your mind when speaking of the final fantasy female characters have black hair?

        Final fantasy Tifa would be the first one comes to my mind.

Final fantasy viii Rinoa is beautiful and elegant girls.

The cute cinal fantasy vii Yuffie.

Sexy and magical final fantasy x Lulu.

FF IX Garnet Til Alexandros XVII could not be missed.

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