Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Final Fantasy Black Mage Cosplay for Halloween

On my part, the final fantasy black mage cosplay would be one of the best choices for the Halloween. Since some of us want to do something different from the usuall cosplays but something scary or something special, the black mage will fulfill that need. And portray the final fantasy black mage will make any of you stand out in the party. Differetn from the other roles of the final fantasy series, this type of impersonating would bring the cosplayers a totally different feeling.
It is known that the Black Mage is the user of powerful black magics like Fire, Thunder, Blizzard, and Water and has become one of the most recognized symbols of the Final Fantasy games. In the matter of the outfits, they are similar to classic wizards, composing of robes and pointy hats in yellow or brown color. Once we put on the suit, our faces are not visible in the shade of the special hat, except for our eyes. What a cool dressing!
So this final fantasy cosplay must make your Halloween 2011 an unforgettable journey. The mystious hat and the invisible faces would add something really special to your show. What do you think?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Final Fantasy Snow Villiers Cosplay

Final fantasy xiii Snow Villiers cosplay seems attractive to many of the cosplayers because of the special appeal of Snow. As one of the main characters of the Final Fntasy XIII, Snow has light blonde hair under a black bandana and is the leader of NORA, a resistance group. He is not only a hero in the eyes of the game palyers but also including the cosplay boys and girls. He is a great hero.
I find an excellent final fantasy Snow cosplay here and I made a mistake at the first sight, aha, I thought he is the real Snow from FF XIII and I change my mind after I see the discription of the picture. I am really attracted by him and cannot divert my attention when I am lookin at this picture. He is one of the most suitable boys for this final fantasy cosplay. And he has got his right cosplay character on the other hand. Do you think so?
And the Snow cosplay costume also contributes a lot to his cosplay. The black bandana, the cool outfit looks perfect as well as the glove. Thanks him for his sharing with us.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Amazing Final Fantasy XII Ashe Cosplay

Final fantasy xii Ashe cosplay is another remarkable choice for the cosplay girls. It is because this fact that this cosplay could make you become outstanding in the show and you will be amazed by yourself as long as you put on the Ashe cosplay costume.
Follow me please. The first cosplayer in the picture shows a good imitation of Ashe. The hair and the cosplay outfit both are great. And we could recognize her at the first sight. She wears the classical Ashe clothing for her show. And actually, it seems that most of the impersonators choose this piece.
 And today, I find another attractive imitator dresses another beautiful and sexy Ashe cosplay suit showing in the second cosplay picture. Wow, she is so twinkling and gives us a touch of sorcery that nothing could abstract my attention from her. All the aspects of her are perfect, and I fall in deep love with her.
In this way, this final fantasy cosplay is also one of the best choices for the cosplay girls who are eager to do the beautiful and sexy cosplay. How about choosing Ashe as your Halloween cosplay?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Final Fantasy Yazoo Cosplay

Final fantasy Yazoo cosplay is one of the best choices for the cosplay boys and girls, since Yazoo is a male character from Final Fantasy; it is not difficult for cosplayers to do the cosplay because of the appearance of Yazoo. His long silver hair extends to his back, which makes him somewhat same as a girl and holds many of the girls’ interest in impersonating this final fantasy role.
In addition, the green eyes, cool personaluty and the handsome accoutrement are also the alluring aspects that attract both boys and girls to start this show. Yazoo usually wears the long black coat zipped up over his chest with black boots, shoulder guards and straps. This final fantasy cosplay belongs to the cool genre, which is suitable for any one who wants to try the cool but beautiful cosplay.
Just as the cosplayer in the picture shows above, we hardly could make certain that it is a cosplay boy or girl. On the other hand, it just right proves that this impersonator has done a perfect job. Do you want to challenge him or her? Or are you eager to create another miracle? Now!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Final Fantasy VII Genesis Rhapsodos Cosplay

Today, let’s focus our attention on the final fantasy vii Genesis Rhapsodos cosplay. Genesis Rhapsodos is one of the characters of the Final Fantasy series and appears in the Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII as well as Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII. The same as Sephiroth, he is a 1st class SOLDIOR, so he is extremely powerful and is a deserter, arrogant and childish guy.

Final Fantasy VII Genesis Rhapsodos Cosplay
As a mattter of fact, Genesis's design bears resemblance to Sephiroth, including the long coat, black clothing underneath, black boots, shoulder guards, and a large sword except the red and black accoutrement. In this way the Genesis cosplay csotume is quite cool.
In term of cosplaying ff vii Genesis, both boys and girls show deep interest in it. As the picture shows, the cosplay girl does an excellent job that she really brings Genesis to us even though she does the gender-crossing cosplay here. We can see that she does’t wear the wig but just her real hair, and the cosplay outfit is also great. Additionally, there is a book in her hands which is Genesis’s favorite book. In a word, she makes a successful final fantasy cosplay.
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