Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Final Fantasy Snow Villiers Cosplay

Final fantasy xiii Snow Villiers cosplay seems attractive to many of the cosplayers because of the special appeal of Snow. As one of the main characters of the Final Fntasy XIII, Snow has light blonde hair under a black bandana and is the leader of NORA, a resistance group. He is not only a hero in the eyes of the game palyers but also including the cosplay boys and girls. He is a great hero.
I find an excellent final fantasy Snow cosplay here and I made a mistake at the first sight, aha, I thought he is the real Snow from FF XIII and I change my mind after I see the discription of the picture. I am really attracted by him and cannot divert my attention when I am lookin at this picture. He is one of the most suitable boys for this final fantasy cosplay. And he has got his right cosplay character on the other hand. Do you think so?
And the Snow cosplay costume also contributes a lot to his cosplay. The black bandana, the cool outfit looks perfect as well as the glove. Thanks him for his sharing with us.

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