Monday, May 26, 2014

Sweet Final Fantasy Yuna and Tidus Cosplay Couples

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I must say final fantasy Yuna and Tidus cosplay is indeed a very good couple idea for boys and girls to display sweet and recognizable looks among a large number of people at any conventions or party. I really love the feelings these cosplayers show in the shots. Have done this with your partner?

Monday, May 19, 2014

Cute Final Fantasy Rikku Cosplay Girl

Have you done this cute final fantasy x Rikku cosplay? Comparing with the sexy thief form in FFX-2, this Rikku has cute costume. Obviously, this one is an ideal choice for cosplay girls who prefer shorts style clothes to skirt, in addition, the brown top and the shorts are also in simple style. Hence, aside from the revealing final fantasy x-2 Rikku cosplay, this ffx form is one of the most popular ideas for cosplayers to be recognizable and cute.

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Here are some great shots of final fantasy x Rikku cosplay, together with summoner Yuna and Lulu for you today.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Cute Final Fantasy X Summoner Yuna Cosplay

This is really cute final famtasyx summoer form cosplay of Yuna. Althoug it was updated in the year of 2001, this girl could stand out among tons of cosplayers at any activities, because she looks so pretty and attractive now. The short brown hair, the beautiful summoner costume and the fair skin make this girl an accurate FFX Yuna.

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I love this final fantasy cosplay very much, and it is a safe bet that there would be a lot of guys and girls attracted by her.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Cool Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Cloud Strife Cosplay

Ok, guys here are final fantasy vii advent children Cloud Strife cosplays for you again today. We know that there are many different cosplay boys and girls obsessed with this charming guy all the time that we could see Cloud Stife here and there at all kinds of occasions. The spiky blonde hair and the large sword, along with the cool black costume would make us quite imposing and popular all the way.
picture credit
picture credit
       The handsome face and the average build are a good cosplay idea for both males and females. And this final fantasy cosplay is classic enough for any cosplayers to give it a try. Have you dressed up as Cloud Strife yet? Let’s enjoy these cool ones at first.
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