Thursday, December 22, 2011

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Serah Farron Cosplay

What do you think of this final fantasy xiii-2 Serah cosplay? But if you ask me, my answer absolutely is I love it, really love this cosplay. I was shocked by her at the first sight, she look extremely the same as final fantasy xiii-2 Serah. This cosplay girl is also a cute and charming girl and she has the similar body shape as her imitated character.
So I cannot help sharing this fantastic final fantasy cosplay picture to you all, it is a safe bet that any of you would be willing to take you time to enjoy this cosplay as long as you are a fan of cosplay, not to mention the lovers of Serah. I love everything she wears, such as the beautiful pink wig, the great Serah cosplay costume and other accessories.
As the female protagonist of ff xiii-2, Serah becomes more and more appealing. She is a lovely and strong girl. If you haven’t tried this cosplay, now it is the time to have a try.


  1. ....did you ever get permission to post these people's cosplays?

    You do know that I'm going to report you if you don't have proof that these cosplayers let you take their pictures, right?

    1. Ohh...that's bad!
      I found the picture without any of her information,so i don't konw how and where to ask for it :( and i really love her cosplay, so i want to share it with cosplay fans :) I am trying my best to get the name and other details of the cosplayers.


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