Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Impressive Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Cosplay

Whoa! This is really impressive final fantasy xiii Lightning cosplay! What attracts you at first when you see this cool cosplay? Undoubtedly, the imposing weapon would be one of the most eye-catching things about this girl, she does get lots of attenction wherever she goes to. In addition, the pink wig, the decent Lightning costume and the boots and other aspect also contribute a lot to her noticeable final fantasy cosplay.

picture credit

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Great Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning and Serah Cosplay

Final fantasy xiii-2 Lightning and Serah cosplay is really a good idea for girls who are looking for doing duo cosplay and armored costumes. And these two ff characters has become popular choice for cosplayers to stand out easily.

picture credit

    These two cosplay girls who are displaying impressive and eye-catching looks by wearing cool costume and weapon; I love their props very much, what impresses most is that they make all of them on their own, wow that is unbelievable.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pretty Final Fantasy VIII Rinoa Cosplay Girl

When it comes to the beautiful girls from Final Fantasy seires, there are really some popular and impressive characters, such as Tifa Lockhart, Lulu, and Yuffie and of course Rinoa Heartilly and so on, each of them is distinctive and attractive, and cosplay girls are always interested them.
by Feena
Here is the pretty final fantasy viii Rinoa cosplay for you today. This cosplayer is quite beautiful, and the charming fictional game girl Rinoa Heartilly is just standing in front of us by her great job.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Great Final Fantasy X Tidus and Wakka Cosplay

Undoubtedly, final fantasy Tidus cosplay is a very popular idea for cosplayers to be noticeable and to find a great partner to experience fantastic jorney. I have posted some posts of Tidus and Yuna cosplay previously and here is Wakka and Tidus for you today.
picture credit
This duo cosplay obviously is outdtanding, and they have got an excellent photographer who caught the best moments of this final fantasy cosplay. Personally, I love this Tidus and Wakka. What’s your rate?
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