Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Awesome Final Fantasy VII Vincent Valentine Cosplay

      Recently, there is an outstanding guy, yeah, he is final fantasy vii Vincent Valentine who shocks tons of cosplay boys and girls, why? Because he comes to reality together with other members: D
Picture Credit

Aha! When we take a close look at this ffvii Vincent, and he turns out to be Darcywilliam, the handsome Australian cosplayer. He does an awesome Vincent Valentine, right? The cool cosplay costume and other items are so amasing.

As one of the characters from Final Fantasy VII, Vincent is tall and young with long black hair and a ragged red cloak and mantle over black clothes. He has eye-catching outside appearance, the metallic, golden gauntlet, the distinctive red cloak and the sharp eyes make any of us be infatuated with him. Why are badasses so cool? Plus, that Yuffie is also quite cute.

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