Friday, October 30, 2015

Lovely Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Lumina Cosplay

pictures credit:Aaangelll
Serah Farron would come to our mind when we see this girl whose name is Lumina, a character from Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII, yeah, they indeed look somewhat alike, includes the hairstyle and face. Lumina cosplay is a good idea for those girls who have baby face and are short in stature, because she is a young girl at the age of 12, and is playful.
This great cosplayer displays really lovely and vivid Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Lumina. Enjoy!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Pretty Final Fantasy VII Aerith Gainsborough Cosplayer

It’s a long time since I shared final fantasy vii Aerith Gainsborough cosplay here last time, so I am going to share some pretty shots with you today. Comparing with Lightning and Tifa, Aerith is less popular; personally, I think they have more stylish and distinctive clothes and cool personality as well.

picture credit
       Anyhow, cosplay final fantasy Aerith is still a good and well-liked choice in the eyes of lots of cosplayers. We could have fun anytime as long as we are obsessed with this game girl. This cosplay girl did good job on expressing vivid Aerith Gainsborough.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

This is not Real Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Tifa Lockhart Cosplay

Nooo, I can’t believe my eyes, these final fantasy vii advent children Tifa Lockhart cosplay shots are so excellent that they look so unreal. I thought they are just beautiful posters of Tifa, and then it took me thirty seconds to realize that they are cosplays, these beautiful large eyes, the close enough face, the long black hair, the figure and the background, everything looks so amazing and awesome. Yeah, this is one of the best final fantasy 7 Tifa Lockhart cosplay I have ever seen. Please vote for her if you also like her cosplay.
Vote for her here
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