Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sexy Final Fantasy X Tidus Cosplay

       What do you think of finalfantasy x Tidus cosplay? Have you done this cosplay yet? I thought Tidus is a handsome and cool guy before I see this sexy style, I don’t know, I think he is really very sexy when I come upon this cosplayer.

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     Final fantasy x Tidus cosplay is always a good idea for both males and females to present charming and recognizable looks by wearing blonde hair and cool yellow and black costume. I can imagine that this Tidus would capture lots of girls’ heart, especially Yuna cosplayers.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Top Five Final Fantasy X-2 Gunner Yuna Cosplay Girls

        What is the most eye-catching and beautiful final fantasy x-2 gunner Yuna cosplay have ever seen? We know that there are countless cosplayers are obsessed with this final fantasy cosplay, and as one of the leanding chracters of FF series, Yuna has so many dashing and distinctive costumes for us to be beautiful, cool, sexy and cute at different activities.
Here are top five ffx-2 Yuna cosplay girls for you today.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Final Fantasy X Yuna and Tidus Cosplay - Valentine's Day Idea

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       The sweet and specific day for lovers, namely, Valentine's Day is coming soon. What have you planned for you and your lover? To dress up as the beautiful girl and handsome boy on that day would be really meaningful and interesting. And final fantasy x Yuna and Tidus cosplay would be one of the good ideas for couples.

As one of the most well-known and beautiful pair in Fina Fantasy series, Yuna and Tidus have gained plenty of cosplayers’ heart, and it seems that they are always added to the list of couple cosplay idea. This final fantasy cosplay is also showed by girlfriend and boyfriend. They make a good couple, two of them are beautiful!

We could imagine that any couples dress up as Yuna and Tidus would gaine much attention and leave memorable memory on Valentine’s Day 2014.
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