Monday, February 27, 2012

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning and Serah Cosplay

With the appearance of the game Final Fantasy XIII-2, increasing cosplay boys and girls focus their attention on this final fantasy cosplay. Without doubt, Lightning, Serah Farron and Noel Kreiss would be the most popular choices.

Picture Credit
I’m sure that you guys have been attracted by this two cosplay girls. Aha, for me, it is still unbelievable! Cosplay xiii-2 Lightning is more challengeable than Serah, the cosplay costume is extremely complicated, yeah, intractable to me. The weapons in their hands are shining in my eyes. The cosplay dresses are gorgeous and the wigs are beautiful, everything about them is perfect. I could never do that!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Perfect Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Kadaj Cosplay

Yay! It is perfect final fantasy vii Kadaj cosplay. Probably, most of us would make a mistake that this Kadaj but not an impersonator at the first sight. And I cannot believe that this is really not Kadaj till I notice the name of this cosplayer. We cannot deny that both the photographer Envy and the cosplayer Mr. Prince do a fantastic job.

In terms of Kadaj, he is one of the Remnants of Sephiroth and one of the main antagonists of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. He wears a long black coat with zipped up. In addition, he has shoulder-length silver hair which partially covers his face and green cat-like eyes. Kadaj stands for the cruelty and insanity of Sephiroth. What impress most is his outside looks. And just because of his special looks, both cosplay boys and girls are into portraying him.

The white wig and the black cosplay costume look great; without doubt, Mr. Prince is an excellent and experienced cosplayer, he must has put a lot of effort into this final fantasy cosplay. In this way, he shows us an impressive and eye-catching looks, he is incomparable to some extent.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sexy Final Fantasy VII Tifa Cosplay

Hey, this is a sexy and beautiful final fantasy vii Tifa cosplay, right? I found that there are so many excellent cosplays Crystal finished on Chibiasta.Deviantart. This is only one of them. She is from United States and I find another fantastic cosplayer. I love her cosplay costume very much, she looks really the same as Tifa. She did not use the black wig instead of her own hair. We cannot deny that Crystal finds her look-alike. What is more, the elbow guard made by her brother on her left arm makes her even more cosplay perfect. Yeah, she is a great impersonator.

We could always find that there are a good many of cosplay girls are interested in this final fantasy cosplay while so many old and new cosplay choices appear.Maybe because that Tifa is glamorous or maybe this is an easy cosplay but could display girl’s appeal to the fullest. Anyhow, all of could get different enjoyment from this cosplay.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fantastic Touhou Project Cosplay

Um, I wanna talking something has nothing to do with final fantasy cosplay, right, it is something about Touhou Project cosplay. It can be said that this type of cosplay is one of the best choices for the cosplay girls. And we could find many different piercing styles of costume from this series. It is a wondrous cosplay world because of lots of charming characters.

Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame play the leading role and are really kawaii. I love them very much, they are adorable girls with black hair and blond hair. Only the two roles have attracted numerous cosplayers to participate in the imitation all around the world.

Cosplay cute girl would never be unpopular in our heart. The special clothing of the character could hold our interest all the way. Let’s enjoy the fantastic cosplay journey!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Striking Final Fantasy VI Terra Branford Cosplay

As the protagonist, final fantasy vi Terra Branford is a charming girl who is fair-skinned and graceful with curly blond hair attiring the red dress without sleeves along with long red gloves, a bright waistband and a flowing cap. Without doubt, she is an extremely popular cosplay choice in the eyes of the cosplay girls, and we could find that there are so many impersonators dress in the beautiful Terra cosplay dress in all kinds of cosplay cons all over the world. 

And the girl in the picture is of course one of the best cosplayers I have ever seen. She is Elisa and comes from Germany. She is really a beautiful girl and an excellent cosplayer. She does a fantastic final fantasy cosplay (I found it on deviantART). She made the cosplay dress on her own, so I have to say she is my heroine.
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