Friday, October 14, 2011

Final Fantasy Lightning Cosplay Girl

What do you think of this final fantasy Lightning cosplay girl? Well, she attracted my attention when I sae her cosplay. She looks so great. I can imagine that she must have done a lot of works about this show. The cosplay costumes, the wig, the sword and other details with no exception of her makeup, it can be said that each of them are perfect. Because if ask me to this final fantasy cosplay, I cannot do that the same as her.
On the other hand, from her show we can get one useful cosplay tips that is when we plan to impersonate a certain character and want to look the same as the chosen character, we’d better to select a one whose complexion and body shape are similar with ours. Take a look at this cosplay girl, if she has tan or she is fat, we could never see this wondrous job.
 Lightning, her real name is Claire Farron. As the protagonist, she is an excellent girl and warrior. We could find that she gives us a cool feeling but not the softness as a female. Cosplay final fantasy Lightning gives us an opportunity of being cool and beautiful. Do you want to have a try?

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