Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Final Fantasy VI Terra Branford Cosplay

As one of the most popular final fantasy series, Final Fantasy VI plays an irreplaceable place in the eyes of the game players and cosplayers. And cosplay final fantasy Terra Branford of course becomes hot among the other ff characters.
Terra Branford is the one of the main characters of ff VI, and she is the first introduced role controled by the Empire with gifted magical power. She is beautiful and sexy with long curly hair. Hence she naturally becomes one of the best cosplay choices to the cosplay girls.
Here is a sexy Terra Branford cosplay as it shows in the picture. The cosplay costume looks pretty, the red skirt, purple ribbon up in her hair, pale pink cape around her neck, red sleeves on her arms and white stockings on her legs. In a word, she is sexy and charming. The details on her dress are especial splendid that perfect her cosplay. I love this final fantasy cosplay.

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