Monday, April 23, 2012

Beautiful Final Fantasy IV Rydia of the Mist Cosplay

We are always shocked by final fantasy cosplay when we are cosplaying the exact character or just enjoy other cosplayer doing the cosplay about this series. Since there are so many different cosplay choices for us, it can be said that any of would find our favorite one or the suitable one as long as we like.
And here is about the final fantasy iv Rydia cosplay, the beautiful green accoutrement of this famle character would come to our mind when we are taking about this cosplay. And we would be the prominent cosplayer in the show easily while dressing the eye-catching green cosplay costume.
Picture Source
Ok, this ff iv Rydia cosplay in the picture is a great example explaining the charming of Rydia cosplay fully. I love all of her imitation, the cosplay dress, the wig, the scenery and the other details. She looks beautiful, umm, I cannot find any suitable word to express my heart now! In a world, she displays a really impressive Rydia.

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