Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Final Fantasy VII: Sephiroth Cosplay

Sephiroth is one of the characters of Final Fantasy VII and the main antagonist. As the standout and formidable villain in this game, he outstands among the other memebers as well as gains a good reputation by the game players and the cosplayers. 
As for the cosplay show, actually, Sephiroth is a good choice. In the aspect of his outside looks, the long argenteous hair, the handsome face and the well-built body, and meanwhile, his cold and quiet personality leads charm to him, all of these attract a good number of impersonators to carry on this final fantasy cosplay.
On my part, however, I don’t think it is easy for any of cosplayers to imtate a same Sephiroth in the activity. Why? The reasons are follows, to start with, just because that he is the villain who not only has the bad guy’s temperament but also has the attrative faces. And second is that he is strapping with muscles, if you are looked not strong enough or high enough, you’d better give it up. And finally, his notable hairdo is a difficulty for those people who are not good at dealing with such kind of long style.
Nevertheless as a devoted fan of final fantasy Sephiroth and the activit of cosplay, any difficulty is out of the question. And if you only seek for the enjoyment of portraying him, just enjoy your show without thinking of the perfection. And what I have mentioned above should be ignored.

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