Thursday, July 28, 2011

Final Fantasy Aerith Gainsborough Cosplay

Final Fantasy Aerith Gainsborough Cosplay is another hot choice for these cosplay girls. As the one of the leading characters of Final Fantasy VII, Aerith is a lovely and charming individual in the eyes’ of the players and her followers. Cosplay this final fantasy character impresses us deeply.

Final Fantasy Aerith Gainsborough Cosplay
As the picture shows, this Aerith girl doses a great job that I was shocked by her appearance. Do you also consider her as the fictional Aerith? She really got the key poits of this cosplay, and I could not figure out any of the shortcomings. Her outside looks, body shape, or the exact faces, as a whole, all the aspects even the details are perfect. Of course, the snappy cosplay costume and the wig contribute a lot to her cosplay. In this way, choose the suitable cosplay target and the corresponding suit is the crucial precondition.
     On the other hand, if you are really into this final fantasy cosplay and just want to have fun in the show, ok, forget what I said above, all you have to do is to dress the cosplay outfit and the accessories and then enjoy yourself.

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