Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Final Fantasy Cloud Cosplay or Zack Cosplay?

It seems that final fantasy Cloud cosplay is always more popular than the Zcak cosplay, we would find more Cloud cosplayers whether on the internet or in the show all the way. And if ask you to make a choice, which one will you choose?

As for Cloud, he is the main male character of the Final Fantasy VII, hence, the whole plot would center on him, that is to say all will go around him and then he becomes the focus in the heart of the game players and the cosplayers. In fact, Cloud is not a perfect boy, and in the beginning, he is not powerful, outgoing or optimistic guy. But he changes a lot after his complex life experience including Zack, such as he is confident, strong and admirable. Plus he is a handsome and cool boy. However, it is the true life that a human being should go through in the process of growing, which makes Cloud a more real figure in front of us. In this way, cosplay Cloud gains a mass of followers throughout the world.
And in regard to Zack, the protagonist of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and one of the characters of FF VII, somewhat differently, Zack is hot-blooded, positive and optimistic and brings everybody sunshine anywhere; he likes a naughty baby sometimes. What is more, he influences Cloud greatly. Anyhow, final fantasy Zack has gained his own zealots. Each of them has respective merits that attract a bunch of cosplayers to do the activity of cosplay.

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