Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Zack Fair Appears an Irresistible Charm

Zack Fair, the protagonist of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, an action role-playing game and Final Fantasy 7′s prequel. He is Aerith Gainsborough’s first boyfriend, as well as a good friend of Cloud Strife. He is the second owner of the Buster Sword, and he gives it to Cloud before his death. He was born in the town of Gongaga, where he lived until leaving to join Shinra’s militant force named SOLDIER. He was captured for experimentation after a battle with Sephiroth in Nibelheim along with Cloud Strife, and they managed to escape and Zack planned to return to Aerith. A year later, they were attacked and Zack ultimately died from protecting Cloud from Shinra’s men.
As for most of the fans, probably, his attractive characteristic is the most significant thing about him in the game.  He brings everybody sunshine anywhere with his hot-blooded, positive and optimistic merits in the whole game. In addition, he has clear eyes, clean faces, which all the players are deeply allured. Zach is such a strong man that he managed to smile to face all the frustration and sufferings in his life. He is young and brave without the blue expression in Cloud’s eyes or the coolness of Sephiroth, he is just Zack, the unique and perfect one in the eyes of his epigones. He is so important to Final Fantasy 7 that where there is no Zack, there is no Cloud.
From Zack’s outward appearance, we only see an active boy all the day like a naughty baby; actually, he is quite tender and staunch. In spite that he is not mature enough, he always possesses a kind and thoughtful heart and protects his dreams with all heart and soul as well as protects his friends and lover. Zack is fictional but he is not illusory. By so many good aspects of quality, Zack could hold interest of tons of cosplayers all the time.

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