Monday, April 25, 2011

Characteristic of Cloud

Cloud Strife is the leading role in Final Fantasy VII, generally speaking, he is such a person who is saturnine most of the time and reveals an inferior mentality sometimes in the game. He was withdrawn when he was little boy, it is his natural personality, so he had few playmates at that time except Tifa Lockhart who is the heroine in Final Fantasy VII. On the contrary, she was a girl who was a little bit boyish. The same as the other boys, in Cloud’s heart, he was longing for the mighty power and so he considered Sephiroth as his idol when he was young for the purpose of protecting Tifa.

When Cloud becomes a member of the Shinra Company, he meets Zack, who becomes Cloud’s good friend latter, and his confidence and upbeat attitude influences Cloud greatly. Finally, in order to protect Cloud, Zack sacrifices his life in the battle. The death of Zack comes as a real body blow to him and even considers himself as Zack except the name Cloud. Since he joins the organization Avalanche and meets Tifa, he gradually changes. The reason why he is a little aloof is that he witnesses in Tifa’s harm, the death of Zack and Aerith, and his own sufferings, all these miserable experience make him pervaded with a mistrust of the whole world.
But under the help of his friends, Cloud manages to triumph over his weakness and finds back confidence at last.

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