Friday, April 29, 2011

Fresh Aerith Gainsborough

Aerith Gainsborough is one of the heroines and a flower seller in the video game Final Fantasy VIIand she is an "Ancient", one of the planet's oldest races and is also an important role throughout the entire game. When it comes to her characteristic, Aerith is humorous, lovely, active and soft, she is such a girl who could bring others happiness and warmth, however the life is hard, she could find the beauty in life. At the same time, she is another crucial person to Cloud and brings a new bloom to him, the protagonist in this game while the girl friend of Zack. That means Cloud changes a great deal because of her, and he has an emotion far beyond love to Aerith embodying his whole life. Finally, she is killed by Sephiroth, the antagonist in the game.
     In terms of her appearance, usually, she is simple and exquisite. Such as the clothing is just one suspender dress, or the outfit contains body dress, short-shirt and wristbands. Aerith has also acted in the later-released Compilation of Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts series, here remains untold. All in all, Aerith is a girl of marked individuality, and she is charm enough to hold tons of followers’ interest among so many characters.

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