Sunday, January 29, 2012

Final Fantasy X-2 Yuna Thief Cosplay

As for final fantasy cosplay, there is no denying that portray Yuna is really hot in the eyes of the cosplay girls. And we could always have so many fantastic cosplay costumes about this character; each of her accoutrement is distinctive and attractive. In this way, it seems that we want to try every piece if possible in the show. 

This is one of the best final fantasy x-2 Yuna thief cosplays I have ever seen. The cosplayer is Angelwing from the United States. She is beautiful and charming, and she has the similar faces as Yuna and alluring body shape. The pretty wig and the cosplay dress are so amazing, I love them, yeah, and I love all of her cosplay. She is an excellent cosplayer. I think you would agree with me, right?
Cosplay final fantasy Yuna could always bring us something unexpected, it is a safe bet that each of us want to give it a whirl.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cool and Sexy Final Fantasy X-2 Paine Cosplay

This is the final fantasy x-2 Paine cosplay, which is really cool and sexy, both the body shape and the cosplay costume look the same as the one from FF x-2. This cosplay girl shows us a vivid Paine by her perfect job. So, it is necessary for me to add it to this final fantasy cosplay blog of mine to share it with you.

Although I haven’t got her name or any other information, her faces and this Paine cosplay would stay in my mind forever. The wig and the sword are also fantastic plus suitable makeup, no shortcomings in my eyes. Without doubt, she is could be one of the top cosplayer among the other excellent impersonators.
At the same time, cosplay final fantasy x-2 Paine is one of the hot choices in the eyes of the cosplay girls. It is because of this fact that this final fantasy character possesses something different and attractive comparing with other roles in the aspect of personality and accoutrement. If you are a cosplay fan and want to try characteristic and sexy cosplay, this would be a good choice.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sexy Final Fantasy XII Fran Cosplay Girl

This is one of the sexy and striking final fantasy xii Fran cosplay by the sexy girl. We could easily find that there are a good many cosplayers are interested in this final fantasy character. And it is a safe bet that the sexy accoutrement of Fran contributes a lot to it. Right, we cannot deny that most of us could not resist the sexy cosplay including boys and girls.

In this way, cosplay final fantasy Fran naturally hold the interest of the cosplay girls.  In the matter of Fran, she is a Viera warrior and the oldest character of this game but still possesses young appearance. In addition, Fran is skilled, sexy and intelligent. She is indeed a great cosplay choice.
The impersonator in the picture shows us a sexy and similar Fran. She does a cool job. The cosplay costume and the other accessories along with movement are perfect. So I won’t miss the good chance to put it on my blog and share it with you final fantasy cosplay fans.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Final Fantasy X-2 White Mage Rikku Cosplay

Apart from the sexy accoutrement, there is the white mage Rikku in the white robes and hoods with the Spiked Rod in final fantasy x-2, namely the white mage Rikku cosplay, which is also a popular cosplay choice in the eyes of the cosplay girls. And at the same time, we could find that all types of Rikku appear in the shows, some of them are sexy, some of them are cute and some of them really look the same as ff Rikku as if Rikku is standing in front of us.

And here I found this adorable final fantasy Rikku cosplay; I don’t think I should miss the chance to share it with you, aha, so...To tell the truth, I love all her cosplay including the cosplay costume, the Spiked Rod and other details. Everything looks so perfect. This cosplay girl dose a cool job among the tons of other cosplayers.
As for me, cosplay final fantay white mage Rikku is something magic with somewhat difficulty. What do you think of it?
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