Sunday, January 29, 2012

Final Fantasy X-2 Yuna Thief Cosplay

As for final fantasy cosplay, there is no denying that portray Yuna is really hot in the eyes of the cosplay girls. And we could always have so many fantastic cosplay costumes about this character; each of her accoutrement is distinctive and attractive. In this way, it seems that we want to try every piece if possible in the show. 

This is one of the best final fantasy x-2 Yuna thief cosplays I have ever seen. The cosplayer is Angelwing from the United States. She is beautiful and charming, and she has the similar faces as Yuna and alluring body shape. The pretty wig and the cosplay dress are so amazing, I love them, yeah, and I love all of her cosplay. She is an excellent cosplayer. I think you would agree with me, right?
Cosplay final fantasy Yuna could always bring us something unexpected, it is a safe bet that each of us want to give it a whirl.

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