Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Final Fantasy Vincent Valentine Cosplay Girls

I’m attracted by Vincent Valentine deeply because of the special charm of him that I cannot express clearly with words, especially when I take a look at his charming eyes. He is handsome, cool and manful in my hearts. Hence, I love all the things about him, with no exception of final fantasy Vincent cosplay.
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Vincent Valentine is one of the characters from Final Fantasy VII; he is tall and young with long black hair and a ragged red cloak and mantle over black clothes. Obviously, Vincent is a good choice for both male and female impersonators. And due to the special outside appearance, the metallic, golden gauntlet, the cloak covers the lower half of his face; any of us could display the imposing feeling.
And indeed, both boys and girls fall in deep love with this final fantasy cosplay. I am a girl, but I am still intrigued by the girls’ final fantasy Vincent Valentine cosplay, they look so cool and sexy.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Great Final Fantasy X-2 Shuyin Cosplay

What do you think of final fantasy Shuyin cosplay? Have you ever done this imitation? Anyhow, it can be said that this final fantasy cosplay is not overly done by impersonators, do you agree? On my part, Shuyin is a glamorous guy, and we could display an outstanding job at the conventions as long as we are the interested in him and express our passion with heart and soul.
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 Shuyin is the primary antagonist of Final Fantasy X-2 and has a striking resemblance to Tidus. He has shoulder-length, disheveled blond hair and blue eyes. Everyone has his likes and dislikes, we could find that there are still many cosplayers keen on Shuyin cosplay, which actually is a great cosplay choice and is suitable for both boys and girls. 

The cosplayers in the pics do present striking ffx-2 Shuyin cosplay by cool costume and wig. They successfully bring fictional Shuyin into our real life.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Final Fantasy VIII Rinoa Cosplay – The Rebellious Girl

More often than not, most of us are looking forward to finding the look-alike character including the similar personality for cosplaying, which would be really wonderful and intereting. Or just want to try such kind of character. And indeed, there are various choices for us from millions of series and we could find ideal object.
Picture Credit
Here is final fantasy viii Rinoa cosplay, have you ever tried this? In terms of this girl, her full name is Rinoa Heartilly, the female protagonist of FF VIII, and rebellious, outspoken and passionate girl with shoulder-length black hair and brown eyes. Riona is a strong-willed girl and manages to deal with all the difficulties in her life, and she is a loyal and trusted friend who will to take any risk to help her friends. She has a beautiful love story.
If you are passionate, strong and sentimental girl, and also want to try the look-alike character, this final fantasy cosplay would be a good choice.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Final Fantasy VI Celes Chere Cosplay

Have you ever tried final fantasy vi Celes Chere cosplay? If yes, what do you you think of it? If no, and then should give it a shot. The beautiful and cool young girl with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin, is really a good choice for us to present imposing and elegant final fantasy cosplay. 

 Celes Chare is the Magitek Knight and we could get that from her accoutrements. And there are severl different cosplay costumes for this ff character, like the yellow and purple armor with high boots, long white cloak over a green leotard with white boots and the white and beige gown. Each of them features distinctively.
On my part, this final fantasy vi girl is suitable for slim or sexy cosplayer, and any of us would display eye-catching Celes Chere by meaning dressing the outfit. Take a look at the cosplay girls in the pictures, and then you will get the truth.
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