Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Final Fantasy VIII Rinoa Cosplay – The Rebellious Girl

More often than not, most of us are looking forward to finding the look-alike character including the similar personality for cosplaying, which would be really wonderful and intereting. Or just want to try such kind of character. And indeed, there are various choices for us from millions of series and we could find ideal object.
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Here is final fantasy viii Rinoa cosplay, have you ever tried this? In terms of this girl, her full name is Rinoa Heartilly, the female protagonist of FF VIII, and rebellious, outspoken and passionate girl with shoulder-length black hair and brown eyes. Riona is a strong-willed girl and manages to deal with all the difficulties in her life, and she is a loyal and trusted friend who will to take any risk to help her friends. She has a beautiful love story.
If you are passionate, strong and sentimental girl, and also want to try the look-alike character, this final fantasy cosplay would be a good choice.

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