Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Great Final Fantasy X-2 Shuyin Cosplay

What do you think of final fantasy Shuyin cosplay? Have you ever done this imitation? Anyhow, it can be said that this final fantasy cosplay is not overly done by impersonators, do you agree? On my part, Shuyin is a glamorous guy, and we could display an outstanding job at the conventions as long as we are the interested in him and express our passion with heart and soul.
Picture Credit

 Shuyin is the primary antagonist of Final Fantasy X-2 and has a striking resemblance to Tidus. He has shoulder-length, disheveled blond hair and blue eyes. Everyone has his likes and dislikes, we could find that there are still many cosplayers keen on Shuyin cosplay, which actually is a great cosplay choice and is suitable for both boys and girls. 

The cosplayers in the pics do present striking ffx-2 Shuyin cosplay by cool costume and wig. They successfully bring fictional Shuyin into our real life.

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