Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cool Final Fantasy VIII Zell Dincht Cosplay

He is loud, endegetic, confident, strong and handsome from Final Fantasy VIII, yeah, he is Zell Dincht, a master of hand-to-hand combat, who is short in stature and has spiky blonde hair and blue eyes, and the noticeable feature of him is the large black tribal tattoo on the left side of his face, which is quite cool. Hence, cosplay girls and boys who love the tattoo style character would always give this final fantasy viii Zell Dincht cosplay a try.

picture credit

In addition, ffviii Zell has relatively simple cosplay costume, like the red and red jacket, black beater and the jeans short, and the SeeD uniform. Many parts of the outfit could be found in our wardrobe.

It seems that any cosplayers who dress up as ff Zell would be quite cool and noticeable without complicated clothes. Have you done this final fantasy cosplay?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cute Final Fantasy IX Zidane Cosplay

Final Fantasy IX Zidane Tribal cosplay is always a good idea for both boys and girls (if females are willing to do crossplay), because he is a beautiful young guy with average build and blonde hair. In addition, Zidane has really cute costume, comes with teal vest, white shirt without sleeves, blue pants and belts, white jabot and a noticeable monkey-like tail, along with a pair of boots.
picture credit

This ff Zidane cosplay boy does cool job, the decent costume and the swords make him quite noticeable. And we know that Zidane Tribal loves to fawn over girls and is a helful and trusted friends all the time. He has blonde (yellow) hair and blue eyes. It looks like most blonde-haired guys are popular and handsome.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Beautiful Final Fantasy x-2 Songstress Rikku Cosplay

Besides the FFx-2 thief and ffx forms of Rikku, the same as many other girls like Yuna, Tifa and Paine and so on from final fantasy series, Rikku has many other popular accoutrements including this Songstress form that is showing by this beautiful cosplay girl.
picture credit

And like most of final fantasy Rikku cosplay costumes; this one is also in simple but stylish and cute style. The purple headband and the tie, the orange top with separated sleeves, plus the cute miniskirt are so distinctive and noticeable. Classical things would be the evergreen fashion trend, so will be final fantasy Rikku cosplay.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cool Final Fantasy Female Cloud and Squall Cosplay

There is no denying that there are lot of girls obsessed with final fantasy Cloud and Squall, two of them are quite handsome and cool guys. And we always would scream aloud when we see Cloud Strife cosplay or Squall cosplay. As for some female cosplayers, they love them so much that they would dress up as them by wearing the cool costumes and the sword. 
picture credit

However, some girls have curve figure that they would display sexy and feminine appeal but not the manful one. In this way, the gender-bending final fantasy Cloud and Squall cosplay become the ideal idea for such kind of girls. The same as these two excellent and sexy girls, they show us creative and eye-catching cosplay of Cloud and Aquall, do you agree? If you are also huge fan of these final fantasy boys but have sexy body shape, female version of boys would be great.
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