Monday, October 29, 2012

Final Fantasy VIII Irvine Kinneas Cosplay

As one of the popular characters of FF series and known as “The Best Shooter in Garden”, final fantasy viii Irvine Kinneas cosplay is really interesting and well-liked. Irvine has long auburn hair in a ponytail, plus a black cowboy hat. He is an expert gunman and is also somewhat sexy in my heart. His cowboy-like appearance has acttracted so many fans for him. Yeah, he is cool, imposing and sexy. 
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Due to Irvine’s handsome appearance, this final fantasy cosplay is great choice for both cosplay boys and girls and could help any cosplayer to display an impressive and similar Irvine cosplay as long as he or she puts on the cosplay outfit and the accessories.
Like this cosplay boy, he present an eye-catching ff8 Irvine by the beautiful and cool cosplay outfit, the long jacket, purple shirt, the fingerless gloves and the gun and so on. What an amazing cosplay!

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