Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Final Fantasy Moogle Cosplay for Everyone

Are you looking for some kind of cosplay that is suitable for everyone, I mean anybody could participate in the cosplay the same character? Yeah, I think final fantasy Moogle is an ideal choice for us, it does no matter who you are, male or female, young or old, fat or thin, big or small. Hence, Moogle cosplay is suitable for everyone.
Let’s enjoy these cute and charming final fantasy cosplays and Moogles.
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Final Fantasy IX Freya Crescent Cosplay

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 Hey, guys, what do you think of final fantasy ix Freya Crescent cosplay? On my part, it is interesting and full of attraction, not easy but also not that complicated, but we do need a careful and good preparation for it. Meanwhile, it would help us to standing out among the other cosplayers easily. I love Freya and of course love Freya cosplay.
 In terms of Freya Crescent, she is a character from FF IX, a skilled, powerful and smart warrior, and she is also a friendly and modest girl. Freya generally wears a red hat, long red coat with a pale blue cravat and buckles, plus the knee length trousers and the tail with a small ribbon. She has short white hair and green eyes. Yeah, she is cute.

 As she is a Burmecian, hence she is rate-like. Speaking of cosplaying Freya, some of us would wear the similar mask, and some of us don’t wear it. And it totally depends on us. In a word, this is final fantasy cosplay is indeed an ideal Halloween cosplay idea, do you think so?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Final Fantasy XIII Hope Estheim Cosplay-Hot Choice for Girls

Final fantasy xiii Hope Estheim is one of my favorite characters of Final Fantasy series, for me, he is innocent, cute and strong-willed ;) He decides to travel with Lighting to become stronger to avenge his mother's death after he loses his mother in FF XIII. Hope has short silver hair and light blue-green eyes, and he is the shortest and youngest role in final fantasy xiii.
Generally, cosplay girls would be more into this type of cosplay than boys. In this way, we could find that Hope cosplay is really a hot choice for girls in all kinds of activities. The cute face, the short stature and the not so cool costume, composed of short-sleeved orange and yellow jacket with a green neckerchief over a black shirt, and black gloves with white palms, plus the deep green pants with a black storage pack hanging from a black belt over his left leg, and light green boots.
All these features would make a cosplay girl become special in the show. On the other hand, it would be not so impressive for cosplay boys to do that. And of course, more often than not, boys would be more interested in the cool and big cosplays.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Final Fantasy Girls for Cosplay (2)

Ok, here goes on the female characters of final fantasy series.
Final fantasy vi Terra Branford is a charming girl, she has long green hair or long blonde hair because of her different appearances in in-game and in her concept artwork.
Final Fantasy Lulu, the sexy and magic black mage with his gorgeous costume always holds our focus. She is one of the main characters of Final Fantasy X and the reduced role for FF X-2.
Paine is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy X-2, the cool and sexy girl with short hair is one of the well-liked female characters of FF series.

Ashe, her real name is Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca, is from FF XII and FF XII Revenant Wings, she has sandy blonde hair extends to shoulders and blue/gray eyes. 
FF XII Penelo is a young girl with oval face, hazel eyes and blonde hair tied in stylish ponytails at sides with short fringe and two bangs.
Fran is a Viera warrior and playable character in FF XII. Her sexy and cool accoutrement is also impressive.
Rinoa Heartilly, the female protagonist of FF VIII, she has layered shoulder-length black hair and dark brown eyes in short stature.
Final fantasy xiii Oerba Yun Fang, she has bronze skin and wavy dark brown hair and green eyes. There is a beauty mark underneath her right eye.
Quistis Trepe is one of the playable characters form FF VIII, she wears blonde hair tied up at the back, and has two long fringes of hair framing either side of her face, and she has blue eyes and wear a pair of glasses.
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 Final fantasy ix Eiko Carol has deep green eyes and a small heart-shaped face, and her shoulder-length blue hair with a big a ribbon tied into a large bow on it.
Stella Nox Fleuret has long, layered golden-blonde hair with a side-swept bang and purple eyes; she is from Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Final Fantasy Girls for Cosplay

       Speaking of the female characters of Final Fantasy series for cosplay, who are they would come across your mind? Here is my list of final fantasy girls.
Tifa Lockhart is one of the primary characters of Final Fantasy VII and she makes several other appearances in the ff series. Tifa is Cloud Strife's childhood friend and is strongly opposed to the Shinra Electric Power Company, joining the resistance group AVALANCHE to fight them. She has long, back hair and gains the popularity around the world.
Final fantasy Lightning cosplay is cool. Lightning’ real name is Claire Farron and she is a playable character and the protagonist in Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2. This pink-haired girl is originally a cold person from her outside appearance and acts; as a matter of fact she has a warm heart. 
Serah Farron is the main protagonist character in Final Fantasy XIII-2 and a supporting character in FF XIII. She is the younger sister of Lightning. As for me, Serah has really cute and pretty costumes. And she is one of my dream cosplay choices.

Yuna is the female protagonist of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. She is compassionate, innocent, breathtaking, and dutiful, a perfect girl and also a hot cosplay choice to a good many of cosplay girls. We have to admit that she is a great and pretty girl whose eyes have two colors, one is green and another is blue.
 Final fantasy Rikku is a very happy girl at the age of 15, at the same time she is always full of energy and youth with brilliant mind. So she could bring happiness to those people who around her.
Aeris Gainsborough is one of the heroines and a flower seller in Final Fantasy VII with long brown hair. She is faithful, charming and has great smile and strong will. She is the crucial person to Cloud and brings a new bloom to him.
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