Friday, April 1, 2011

Tifa Lockhart Cosplay Costume is Overwhelming to Female

Girls show strong favor in Tifa Lockhart cosplay costumes which lead a hot cosplay trend in the activity. Tifa is a stout, kindhearted, and optimistic female figure showing the strong and sexy appearance in Final Fantasy games. For this reason, without doubt, this type of uniform will give the cosplayers an extraordinary experience.

    In manner of Tifa, she plays several dissimilar characters in the games with distinct appearances. In all her outfits among her many appearances Tifa Lockhart always takes on alteration of a sleeveless shirt with a miniskirt. For example, she wears a white vest, black mini-skirt with a belt and suspenders, while black and red gloves that reach her elbows together with black boots, and a metal elbow protector on her left elbow in
Final Fantasy VII, which manifests a sort of easy and plain style. There are some other semblances she holds in the games, such as the skirt and tanktop develop into a corset with pockets and tassels decorated and a belt around her hips. The cowgirl costume is composed of a short leather skirt and tanktop, a white shirt, cowgirl boots and hat. The attire Tifa Lockhart wears in Advent Children, which is composed of a white shirt under a black zip vest with black shorts, placing a utility pocket at the front while a short duster at the back reaching to her feet, a pink ribbon on her left arm and a ring on her right hand. All these Tifa costumes present a chic look absolutely, and will make her delicate to her lovers.

     Anyhow, comparing with the other classifications,
Tifa cosplay costumes are obviously different and novel and evokes an overwhelming feeling of attraction for females. In addition, extravagant designs are adopted, which creates unique feminine sense and sex appeal. If you are a fan of Tifa, you could choose your favorite clothing from the sexy or the cute or the smart or the plain one, or whatever, for your Tifa cosplay. If you are a zealous devotee, don’t miss it, and it must give you an unbelievable experience in your cosplaying.

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