Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tifa Amazes All

It can be said that Tifa Lockhart charms the pants off people, as one of the protagonists in the role playing game Final Fantasy VII at the age of 22, Tifa is the typical ideal starring actress in the heart of all the people. She comes quietly to the world with her unique temperament, thousands of people, not only the devoted fans of Final Fantasy series, but also the common game players are struck with admiration to this fantastic character. It is that particular feeling of freshness holds countless people’s interests, for that she possesses these merits –beauty, wisdom, courage and power in the game, which can be said a perfect image in the eyes of others.
In the Final Fantasy VII, she is the intimate childhood friend of Cloud Strife who is the male leading actor in this game and is the only one who knows his real past. Tifa was the most attractive girls in the village to those little boys, yet, she is a girl of constraint and is shy to express her own affection to others, especially to Cloud, therefore, she never straightly expresses her feelings to him but in other ways, and like that she accompanies Cloud all the way when he is in trouble, or she is always the first one who could get Cloud’s heart and thoughts.
There are many reasons that those aficionados consider Tifa as their goddess, one is that she owns all the attributes that a real goddess should own, such as angelic looks, sexy body shape, musical voice and perfect personality. She is strong but tender, sedate and self-possessed, usually shows a mature way of thinking and acting. To put it in a nutshell, Tifa turns on an appealing and perfect allure in front of her cosplay fans and the game players at all times.

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