Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Final Fantasy Vincent Valentine Cosplay Girls

I’m attracted by Vincent Valentine deeply because of the special charm of him that I cannot express clearly with words, especially when I take a look at his charming eyes. He is handsome, cool and manful in my hearts. Hence, I love all the things about him, with no exception of final fantasy Vincent cosplay.
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Vincent Valentine is one of the characters from Final Fantasy VII; he is tall and young with long black hair and a ragged red cloak and mantle over black clothes. Obviously, Vincent is a good choice for both male and female impersonators. And due to the special outside appearance, the metallic, golden gauntlet, the cloak covers the lower half of his face; any of us could display the imposing feeling.
And indeed, both boys and girls fall in deep love with this final fantasy cosplay. I am a girl, but I am still intrigued by the girls’ final fantasy Vincent Valentine cosplay, they look so cool and sexy.

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