Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Final Fantasy XII Penelo Cosplay

As one of the cute female characterof Final Fantasy XII, Penelo is a young girl with oval face, hazel eyes and blonde hair tied in stylish ponytails at sides with short fringe and two bangs. FF Penelo cosplay is not that popular or not that excessively cosplayed by girls. Hence, if you are just looking for this type, don’t miss it.
However, final fantasy xii Penelo cosplay is also interesting and special in the eyes of a lot of impersontors, especially to the adherents of Penelo. Penelo is a charming girl and the good friend of Vaan who is the center character of Final Fantasy XII. Although, she is an orphan, she lives her life with optimism and jolliness while influencing Vaan greatly. What id more, Penelo is dreaming of being a dancer and also good at dancing.

This final fantasy cosplay would be an attractive choice if you are fond of the cool and a kind of sexy cosplay. And blonde-haired girl should give it a shot.

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