Monday, May 30, 2011

Final Fantasy IX Garnet Cosplay

Garnet is a beautiful young woman in Final Fantasy IX, due to many of her characteristics which stirs the cosplayers’ interest to do such imitating, especially for the girls. Garnet is strong-willed and stubborn sometimes, and she is well spoken and highly educated at the same time. However, she is also shy and quite naïve because of her growing environment. Meanwhile, she is the Princess of Alexandria, so the special temperament she owns makes her stand out among the other girls in the game.
As regards Garnet cosplay which is an unusual choice for the activity of cosplay. Although it is common to carry on the gender-crossing show, most of the Garnet imitators are the female. There are different appeals that are displayed by the epigones. Some of them look cute, some are pretty and some of them are sexy in the same Garnet cosplay costume, so whatever the appearance you want to reveal, which is totally depends on you, and each of the image has its own charm. And it does no matter how you look like, as long as you are the fanatic of her, you could dress her cosplay outfit to fulfill your passion to the fullest.
Cosplaying Garnet is a wondrous cosplay for any of you to express your emotion of her and a great way to show your own styles before other participants in the activity.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Final Fantasy Paine Cosplay

Paine is one of the main characters from Final Fantasy X-2, she is Lulu in sense because this fact that they have the same faces except the clothing they wear. And cosplay Paine seems to bring the cosplayers a kind of refreshing and exhilarating experience, which is due mainly to her personal charisma.
In the aspect of Paine’ nature, she is such a girl who is rather wordless, hardhearted and can be very serious with cool appearance, which shows a strong captivation in the eyes of her fanatics. What’s more, she is very sensitive about talking about her past. It can be said that this sort of fantasy cosplay reveals a different genre of girl cosplay, generally, when speaking of the girl, the first thing we probably will think of the theme of sexiness, softness, however, as for Paine, more often than not, she doesn’t look like a girl except her sexy appearance, hence, she is so special and uncommon as a female.
Cosplaying Paine could fulfill the needs of displaying a strong, independent, cool and larruping individual. Since it is impossible for the girls to show personality freely or to be another people in the reality because of various reasons, but in the activity of Paine cosplay, any of you could achieve that. If you are a soft and timid, or you attempt to change yourself to some extent, or any other purposes, the final fantasy paine cosplay is the best choice.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Excellent Roles in Final Fantasy X-2

More often than not, the video game Final Fantasy X-2 will be firstly chose by most of the Final Fantasy cosplayers to do the cosplay in the purpose of showing a fabulous looks in the fantasy cosplay. It is because of this fact that there are gorgeous characters and the attractive story plots in this series, such as Rikku, Yuna and Paine are the three leading roles of it, each of them possesses their respective quality.
 Actually, this final fantasy video game could clearly stand out among the other series, the characters in it contributes a lot. Final fantasy Yuna, the main protagonist of this sequel, she is compassionate, generous, and dutiful, a perfect girl in the eyes of her devoted fans. Rikku undoubtedly is an excellent and charming girl, as the sister of Yuna, she is a very happy girl at the age of 15, at the same time she is always full of energy and youth with brilliant mind. So she could bring happiness to those people who around her. She also gets sense of humor and plenty of abilities. It can be said that her smile makes Rikku in the game and deeply impresses players all the way. All in all, she is such a fictional role who full of sunshine. And Paine is a tough and hardhearted with cool appearance shows a strong charisma in the game. Meanwhile, many other roles are included in this series.
Each of the character has its own charming points which allure plenty of followers to carry on the activity of cosplay.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kuja from Final Fantasy IX

Kuja is the main antagonist of Final Fantasy IX, who is ambitious, narcissistic and ruthless as well as a fanatical gunrunner. Kuja, as a male, it can be said that he often dresses quite strangely, so it is imaginable that his garb must be outstanding, and you will be easily recognized by others as long as you try his cosplay costumes. One of his typical outfits is composed of stand collar coat and a similar skirt, and the matching underwear has two layers with saw tooth, and the sleeves of overcoat have two parts: grape color in top mixes with white in end. Distinctive straps connect with skirt with leg covers. So by portraying him in the show, a quite different feel you would get whether you are a boy or a girl, which is totally dissimilar to your daily life or the former cosplay you did.
As the antagonist, Kuja undoubtedly possesses fascinating nature, the same as most of the bad roles; he is strong, prideful and unmerciful, at the same time, he is unique in the aspect of coquettish and neuter appearance. Moreover, his autophilia and tragic destiny, all these matters contribute him a distinctive individual. Kuja usually wears exposed clothing, and has beautiful looks which surpasses most of the female.
Kuja is indeed a peculiar character among the others in the Final Fantasy series, he could hold his own fans who are interested in the outlandish style of dress and are eager to have a try about the other way of life.

Tifa Cosplay Charms Different Followers

Absolutely, different people come to try Tifa cosplay as a result of the overwhelming charm of Tifa. It seems that whatever figures people have and whoever they are, they are eager to cosplaying fantasy Tifa. As a female, it is common to see that girls imitate Tifa in the show, so more often than not, we could not only notice the cosplayers who are in good shape, but also could note these ones who are rather fat or are ill fitted for impersonating Tifa, however, because of their zealous passion of her, there isn’t anything could stop them to carry on the cosplay.
It is acceptable for the aficionados to do the gender switching cosplay; hence we also could catch sight of the male don the Tifa cosplay costume in the activity. And it is not surprise to see a terribly fat man wearing her attire which is composed of a white tank top and black mini-skirt, which is indeed impossible to describe the situation, maybe cute and maybe funny, but the only thing can feel is that the imitator is obtains fun from it.
All in all, it is ok to do our own genre as long as we could get fun from the Tifa cosplay. But if you want to fulfill an idea show and be considered as the good cosplayer, it’d much better to complete every parts of your cosplay, and then you will find a better result. Enjoy your Tifa cosplay show to the fullest!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Eiko Carol from Final Fantasy IX

Eiko Carol is one of the main characters in the video game Final Fantasy IX, who is a little girl and the only person who appears in the game with a Summoner's Horn in FF IX. She is such a little girl who acts more experienced than her real age with toughness and cleverness. In spite of her wretched lot, she could face them with a positive attitude and get rid of them finally. In the meantime, she is warmhearted and faithful to friends all the way.
In the matter of the appearance of Eiko Carol, she usually wears blue hair with big bowknot, her accoutrement is connecting with a red turtleneck blouse connects to special designed trousers, besides, one of remarkable things is a cute decorated belts attached to the blouse, an absolutely odd clothing.
Eiko, as a whole, is cute and lovely girl with something admirable and we can learn much from her. She could stand out in the other characters in this game is because of this fact that she has many valuable and desirable traits that the other roles haven’t. Although, Eiko is an only a little girl at the age of six, she is not the little brat or the naughty or annoying one as the common child in the reality. In this way, she is really a marvelous individual.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cosplay Final Fantasy Rikku

Cosplay Final Fantasy Rikku is one of the ideal choices for cosplaying the female characters from the video game FF series. As the sister of Yuna, Rikku is a very happy girl at the age of 15, at the same time she is always full of energy and youth with brilliant mind. So she could bring happiness to those people who around her. It can be said that her smile makes Rikku in the game and deeply impresses players all the way. She is such a fictional role who could contribute a joyful mind.
It is because of this fact that all the cosplayers will feel a kind of free, relax and happiness at once the moment they dress in the rikku cosplay costumes. The sexy cosplay outfit is the most popular one among the other suits. As for girls, displaying their charm to the fullest in the activity is the primary purpose, hence the saffron hair with the outstanding headband, the apparel comes in the form of bikini, skirt, long scarf, sleeves and belt with two little pockets and others, which is indeed a standout cosplay costume.
Of course, whichever outfit would give you an amazing feel as long as you are the zealot of Rikku. Join in the show of her, and it will be an unforgettable journey.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Get Pleasure from Final Fantasy VIII Cosplay

Final Fantasy VIII cosplay brings much pleasure to these cosplayers when they deck out with the outfits of certain character from this game. It could allure so many zealots is because of this reason that the FF VIII contains special story plots and glamorous characters, which mainly centers on the subject of love throughout the whole story, showing an intricate relationship among the roles while a complicated and entertaining plot. It can be said that the players are not play a game but enjoy a moving film when playing the game. In spite of the most controversial works, it creates an unprecedented record comparing with other series, which is really a miracle.
Imitators could get much fun from this cosplay by display their favorite cosplay costumes and accessories. Since there are so many roles for making a choice, a numerous impersonators appear in the show. Such as Squall Leonhart, a loner who is incommunicative and distant. Rinoa Heartilly, an outspoken and passionate girl who is bright, optimistic and believes in freedom. Zell Dincht, Squall’s good friend, who is honest and has unbalanced state of affections. Quistis Trepe, an instructor combines ability with integrity is popular among the students by both genders. Selphie Tilmitt, she is naive frank and freehearted as well as a saucebox. In addition, many other roles are there in this game.
Hence, a good many cosplayers are there in the cosplay party in their favorite character’s attire. Final Fantasy VIII cosplay probably could boost the fantastic fun of cosplaying, just go ahead.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

To Be the Star in Final Fantasy IX Cosplay

At present, Final Fantasy IX cosplay becomes another standout object for the cosplayers to express their passion of the characters in FF IV by wearing the clothes of certain role.
As one of the versions of the final fantasy video game, there are also many distinctive roles, such as Zidane Trible, the protagonist and a thief. Garnet Til Alexandros XVII, the heroine and the Princess of Alexandria in this game. Adelbert Steiner, the Captain of the Knights of Pluto and the male soldiers in Alexandria's entire military force. Eiko Carol, a little girl, she is the only person who appears in the game with a Summoner's Horn in FF IX. And Kuja, he is the main antagonist of Final Fantasy IX, who is ambitious, narcissistic and ruthless as well as a fanatical gunrunner. And there are many other striking characters remain untold here in this video game. 
In terms of the Final Fantasy series, it can be said that FF IX starts a new beginning with advancement in many aspects comparing with the former games. As a result, it could cause a large number of players to focus their attention on it. At the same time, as an odd pattern to show a kind of lifestyle, values and tastes in the life, cosplay attracts increasing followers. Participants could feel the same as the characters in the video game, anime, comic, film and other media by means of dressing on the exact cosplay outfits in such entertainment. From another point of view, the role must have enough ability of holding people’s interest to go the cosplay with his or her costume. Thereby, we can say that the Final Fantasy IX is really unique to the imitators so that there are tons of zealots who don its cosplay costumes in the activity. Cosplay FF IX is indeed a vogue in the cosplaying area.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Aerith Final Fantasy Cosplay Makes You Feel Admirable

Aerith Final Fantasy cosplay brings cosplayers a totally different feel in the show. As another distinctive character in Final Fantasy VII, Aerith also attracts quite a number of fans because of her outstanding charisma, like she is humorous, lovely, active, soft and tough. Therefore, in the reality, some of the imitators who are humorous or active or tender or something else just the same as Aerith; or some of them are completely different from her while is eager to have the same personality by impersonating her, because once don the Aerith cosplay costumes, the exact feeling will come upon.
When speaking of Aerith, she is exquisite and unsophisticated in the eyes of her aficionados, which gives them an overwhelming feeling of cosplaying. She usually has a long braid and middle parting bangs. Two common cosplay outfits are there, one is a suspender dress ending above the knee, and another one is contains body dress, short-shirt and wristbands. Each of the apparel features distinctively, so if you are tricked out with her outfit, you will easily be recognized in the activity.
Since cosplay is such a fashionable and effective way of being the favorite character from the unreal world. As long as you are an Aerith follower and are looking forward to doing something to express your passion, just dress on the certain cosplay costume, your dream will come true right away. And you will be the highlight in the  cosplay show.
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