Sunday, May 15, 2011

Eiko Carol from Final Fantasy IX

Eiko Carol is one of the main characters in the video game Final Fantasy IX, who is a little girl and the only person who appears in the game with a Summoner's Horn in FF IX. She is such a little girl who acts more experienced than her real age with toughness and cleverness. In spite of her wretched lot, she could face them with a positive attitude and get rid of them finally. In the meantime, she is warmhearted and faithful to friends all the way.
In the matter of the appearance of Eiko Carol, she usually wears blue hair with big bowknot, her accoutrement is connecting with a red turtleneck blouse connects to special designed trousers, besides, one of remarkable things is a cute decorated belts attached to the blouse, an absolutely odd clothing.
Eiko, as a whole, is cute and lovely girl with something admirable and we can learn much from her. She could stand out in the other characters in this game is because of this fact that she has many valuable and desirable traits that the other roles haven’t. Although, Eiko is an only a little girl at the age of six, she is not the little brat or the naughty or annoying one as the common child in the reality. In this way, she is really a marvelous individual.

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