Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Excellent Roles in Final Fantasy X-2

More often than not, the video game Final Fantasy X-2 will be firstly chose by most of the Final Fantasy cosplayers to do the cosplay in the purpose of showing a fabulous looks in the fantasy cosplay. It is because of this fact that there are gorgeous characters and the attractive story plots in this series, such as Rikku, Yuna and Paine are the three leading roles of it, each of them possesses their respective quality.
 Actually, this final fantasy video game could clearly stand out among the other series, the characters in it contributes a lot. Final fantasy Yuna, the main protagonist of this sequel, she is compassionate, generous, and dutiful, a perfect girl in the eyes of her devoted fans. Rikku undoubtedly is an excellent and charming girl, as the sister of Yuna, she is a very happy girl at the age of 15, at the same time she is always full of energy and youth with brilliant mind. So she could bring happiness to those people who around her. She also gets sense of humor and plenty of abilities. It can be said that her smile makes Rikku in the game and deeply impresses players all the way. All in all, she is such a fictional role who full of sunshine. And Paine is a tough and hardhearted with cool appearance shows a strong charisma in the game. Meanwhile, many other roles are included in this series.
Each of the character has its own charming points which allure plenty of followers to carry on the activity of cosplay.

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