Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Final Fantasy Paine Cosplay

Paine is one of the main characters from Final Fantasy X-2, she is Lulu in sense because this fact that they have the same faces except the clothing they wear. And cosplay Paine seems to bring the cosplayers a kind of refreshing and exhilarating experience, which is due mainly to her personal charisma.
In the aspect of Paine’ nature, she is such a girl who is rather wordless, hardhearted and can be very serious with cool appearance, which shows a strong captivation in the eyes of her fanatics. What’s more, she is very sensitive about talking about her past. It can be said that this sort of fantasy cosplay reveals a different genre of girl cosplay, generally, when speaking of the girl, the first thing we probably will think of the theme of sexiness, softness, however, as for Paine, more often than not, she doesn’t look like a girl except her sexy appearance, hence, she is so special and uncommon as a female.
Cosplaying Paine could fulfill the needs of displaying a strong, independent, cool and larruping individual. Since it is impossible for the girls to show personality freely or to be another people in the reality because of various reasons, but in the activity of Paine cosplay, any of you could achieve that. If you are a soft and timid, or you attempt to change yourself to some extent, or any other purposes, the final fantasy paine cosplay is the best choice.

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