Thursday, July 28, 2011

Final Fantasy Aerith Gainsborough Cosplay

Final Fantasy Aerith Gainsborough Cosplay is another hot choice for these cosplay girls. As the one of the leading characters of Final Fantasy VII, Aerith is a lovely and charming individual in the eyes’ of the players and her followers. Cosplay this final fantasy character impresses us deeply.

Final Fantasy Aerith Gainsborough Cosplay
As the picture shows, this Aerith girl doses a great job that I was shocked by her appearance. Do you also consider her as the fictional Aerith? She really got the key poits of this cosplay, and I could not figure out any of the shortcomings. Her outside looks, body shape, or the exact faces, as a whole, all the aspects even the details are perfect. Of course, the snappy cosplay costume and the wig contribute a lot to her cosplay. In this way, choose the suitable cosplay target and the corresponding suit is the crucial precondition.
     On the other hand, if you are really into this final fantasy cosplay and just want to have fun in the show, ok, forget what I said above, all you have to do is to dress the cosplay outfit and the accessories and then enjoy yourself.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Final Fantasy Yuffie Kisaragi Cosplay

Final Fantasy Yuffie Kisaragi cosplay could bring us different enjoyment, especial for those fans of Yuffie. She is an optional playable character of Final Fantasy games presenting is an optimistic and lively image with short black hair in front of the players and her fanatics. In a word, she is a cute, charming and cunning girl.
Final Fantasy Yuffie Kisaragi Cosplay
Although she is glamourous enough to capture both boys’ and girls’ heart, when it comes to cosplay final fantasy Yuffie, more often than not, girls will even more like to do this cosplay. It is because that Yuffie has a cute faces and petite figure which is suitable for girl.
The cosplay girl in the picture shows a really spiffing appearance to us, and she is an excellent cosplayer. Either her body shape or the Yuffei cosplay costume displays quite perfect semblance. I was really shocked by her and took him as the true Yuffei at first sight. She does a great job, and the character of Yuffei is so right for her.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Final Fantasy X Lulu Cosplay Costume

Final Fantasy X Lulu cosplay costume is the most notable and complex outfit among the others to some extent. Lulu is one of the main roles in the final fantasy x and another in the fianl fantasy x-2. But the most impressive appearance is the one in the former game, which is in the form of floor-length skirt, low-cut, fur-lined, dark grey and black and elaborately-pinned hair, which represents the sexy and cool appeal. It can be said that she id the coolest characters in the final fantasy series.
As regards the final fantasy Lulu cosplay, this piece must be the first choice and the favorite cosplay outfit in the eyes of the cosplayers. It is because of the fact that this garment could not only fulfill the desire for displaying the sexy and cool looks in the show but also could portray the adoring character to the fullest.
         On my part, as long as you have this clothes on, and you will be look the exactly same as Lulu and the special glamor will be revealed at once, meanwhile, it is unnecessary for you to do any other things, every movement would be graceful and get the self-evident similarity between you two. Cosplay final fantasy Lulu gives you the good chance to show yourself and experience an unforgettable journey.

Monday, July 11, 2011

What is the Most Important Part of Final Fantasy VIII Quistis Trepe Cosplay?

As for the Final Fantasy VIII Quistis Trepe Cosplay, what is the foremost part in your mind? Is the Quistis cosplay costume or the wig or the accessories or something else?
As the instructor at Balamb Garden, Quistis has high ability and is thre youngest member of SeeD at the age of 18; as a result she attracts many of her zealots who set up the Trepe Club because of her special charm. In fact, she posseses both good personality and professional competence, meanehile, she is quite self-possessed and perfect. On my part, she is really an outstanding lady as well as a great cosplay choice for girls.
    Generally, her accoutrement is in the form of a pair of glasses, long brown hairdo, and the suit that fltters her good body shape perfectly. And in my opinion, the most important part of the Quistis cosplay is the hair and the wig, if you just wear the Final Fantasy VIII Quistis cosplay costume in the show, and probably most of the participants can’t recognize you at the first glance. It is because that the same suit is not enough, there are so many famel characters from the anime, comic, video game and other media, and the suit is somewhat the same as the other roles, however plus the glass and the hairstyle, which is the unique figure among the tons of characters. Do you think so?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Final Fantasy VII: Sephiroth Cosplay

Sephiroth is one of the characters of Final Fantasy VII and the main antagonist. As the standout and formidable villain in this game, he outstands among the other memebers as well as gains a good reputation by the game players and the cosplayers. 
As for the cosplay show, actually, Sephiroth is a good choice. In the aspect of his outside looks, the long argenteous hair, the handsome face and the well-built body, and meanwhile, his cold and quiet personality leads charm to him, all of these attract a good number of impersonators to carry on this final fantasy cosplay.
On my part, however, I don’t think it is easy for any of cosplayers to imtate a same Sephiroth in the activity. Why? The reasons are follows, to start with, just because that he is the villain who not only has the bad guy’s temperament but also has the attrative faces. And second is that he is strapping with muscles, if you are looked not strong enough or high enough, you’d better give it up. And finally, his notable hairdo is a difficulty for those people who are not good at dealing with such kind of long style.
Nevertheless as a devoted fan of final fantasy Sephiroth and the activit of cosplay, any difficulty is out of the question. And if you only seek for the enjoyment of portraying him, just enjoy your show without thinking of the perfection. And what I have mentioned above should be ignored.
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