Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Final Fantasy X-2 Yuna and Rikku and Paine Cosplay

It’s so great and interesting to cosplay final fantasy x-2 Yuna and Rikku and Paine together, especially with good friends, right? Have you ever done this final fantasy cosplay idea? Maybe some people would think that these three characters are too popular, or they are also somewhat old-fashioned, but, as for the huge fan of these girls, there is nothing can stop them from cosplaying Yuna or Rikku or Paine.

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Special Final Fantasy Lightning Cosplay in Cloud Strife’s Outfit

This final fantasy Lightning cosplayer is quite impressive and recognizable, right? It can ba said that any fans of FF series would be attracted by this cosplayer, because there are so many popular things that could be found from this girl, the pink wig and the face of the cool game girl Lightning Farron, the imposing large sword and the cool black outfit of Cloud Strife, plus the good body shape, this final fantasy cosplay does show special appeal.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Beautiful Fan Arts of Final Fantasy Sephiroth

Personally, I admire those guys who are good at designing and drawing all kinds of things they want and like. Yes, they are genius in my heart, because I’ve tried so many times, but failed so many times. I love drawing, but my hands are not mine. So if you tell me you can anything good as long as you want, and then I will become your fan immediately.

    Hence, when I found these beautiful and awesome fan arts of final fantasy Sephiroth, I was attracted by greatly, on the one hand, I am huge fan of this final fantasy badass character, and the pictures look really cool on the other hand. Now, I am going to share them with you, hope you like them too.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Beautiful Final Fantas VII Advent Children Cloud Strife Cosplayer

      Wow, this is really beautiful final fantasy vii advent children Cloud Strife cosplayer! Yeah, I know Cloud is a guy, and maybe it is not appropriate to use “beautiful” to describe him, but I cann’t find any others words at this moment to show my feelings now.

      Yes, this is acctually a crossplay that is done by a cool and beautiful girl. Although I am also female, I could never do this vivid final fantasy Cloud cosplay as her!!
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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Cool Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Cosplay Girl

Final Fantasy XIII Lightning cosplay has become one of the main trends since the FF series came to our life. Typical characters are always the pop cosplay ideas with cosplayers. I don’t how many great shots of Lightning I have shared here on my blog, but I won’t stop it as long as there is cosplay.

This final fantasy 13 Lightning cosplay girl looks quite cool and beautiful. She shows us a vivd Lightning by her look-alike face, beautiful costume and wig, plus the cool sword.
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Friday, June 26, 2015

Bright Final Fantasy XIII Oerba Dia Vanille Cosplay

      Have I ever shared this final fantasy xiii Oerba Dia Vanille cosplay with you? No, I don’t think so! So, I am going to share it here on my final fantasy cosplay blog today. This is done by a Japanese cosplayer Juri (find her on Twitter @Juri_cnd). She is a big fan of FF series; she has cosplayed Tifa Lockhart, Yuna and many other characters in this game.

      She shows us a bright and lovely final fantasy Vanille by her pretty face and beautiful costume. Check her out if you are also a fan of FF.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Tutorial - How to Do Hairstyle for Final Fnatasy Zack Fair Cosplay

Here is the tutorial for you guys, how to style your hair for final fantasy Zack Fair cosplay. This is really useful for cosplayers who have the same hair length and color. Hope it works for you ^_- ≧◠ᴥ◠≦✊

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