Thursday, January 21, 2016

Cute and Pretty Final Fantasy X Summoner Yuna Cosplayer

Final Fantasy X Summoner Yuna is an ideal choice that could make cosplayers beautiful and impressive easily, although there are several other forms of this attractive game girl. The elegant Summoner outfit, the scepter, the black boots and the brunette hair with shoulder length (it’s a fashionable hairstyle that lots of girls keep in daily life, I just cut my long hair like this weeks ago), there are many fashion elements on this final fantasy cosplay besides we are doing costume play. Probably, this is one of the reasons why so many girls are obsessed with Summoner Yuna cosplay all the time.
This cosplayer looks cute and pretty, she has beautiful costume and good figure, in addition, the backgrounds are pretty too. Nice Shots!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Cosplay Tutorial – How to Make Final Fantasy XII Fran Ears?

It looks like that there are so many guys and girls fond of Fran from Final Fantasy XII, and females want to dress up as this outstanding and distinctive game lady, however, the cool but complicated costume is one of the main problem that stops them from cosplay Fran. Here I found a great tutorial (by Artflower) online on how to make the cute ears for FF Fran. Good luck and enjoy your final fantasy cosplay.
Tutorial Source: Artflower

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

What Do You Think of This Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Cosplay?

        Due to the worldwide popularity of ff xiii Lightning, there are countless people have done this final fantasy cosplay. And we have seen various style of Lightning, some are sexy and beautiful, some are cool, some do not show the close looks but have really beautiful attire and accessories while some are just for fun by dressing up as her favorite character, and the most shocking type is that these cosplayers are just doing perfect work that they look like Lightning so close that we can’t distinguish them from the game girl in Final Fantasy XIII, and here I am going to share a group shots of Lightning cosplay today, what do you think of this one?

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Final Fantasy X Lulu Cosplay Make-up Tutorial

A good make-up would make our cosplay more accurate and beautiful, and especially for those characters that bear special make-up. And final fantasy x Lulu cosplay is such kind of character, so how to present a pretty face for Lulu? It may be easy for many of the experienced cosplayers, but there are lots of beginners still have no idea.
Here is a final fantasy x Lulu cosplay make-up tutorial for you, hope it will help you.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Final Fantasy XII Vann Cosplay Makes You Hot

picture credit

Have you tried final fantasy xii Vaan cosplay? The blonde hair, the revealing costume is composed of open metal vest fastened with a pendant, dark pants with red sash belt and a pair of keen-high steel boots, could make cosplayers hot and special. FF Vaan is young guy who is Naïve, loyal and brave, but can be reckless.
Because Vann is about 170cm in height, female cosplayer also could pull off this crossplay easily if you are skilled at binding chest and willing to expose your skins. We (mainly refers to females) would not want to move our eyes when we are looking at this hot final fantasy xii Vann cosplayers, right?
picture credit

picture credit

Friday, October 30, 2015

Lovely Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Lumina Cosplay

pictures credit:Aaangelll
Serah Farron would come to our mind when we see this girl whose name is Lumina, a character from Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII, yeah, they indeed look somewhat alike, includes the hairstyle and face. Lumina cosplay is a good idea for those girls who have baby face and are short in stature, because she is a young girl at the age of 12, and is playful.
This great cosplayer displays really lovely and vivid Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Lumina. Enjoy!
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