Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Final Fantasy Type-0 Celestia and Yuzuki Cosplay

picture credit
I found this group of final fantasy type-0 Celestia and Yuzuki cosplay accidentally, they attracted my eyes at the moment i saw them. ^__^ On the one hand, they are really beautiful and eye-catching, the simple but pretty long dress and the special headdress make them so noticable, and these two character are so unpopular that i just have seen one or two cosplayers have done this final fantays cosplay so far on the other hand^w^ Just love their Celestia and Yuzuki cosplay!


  1. Hello nice picture you got here where is this place at I would like to see you guys I hope it's not far away from my state I live in wing Virginia if you know where that's at to me I like music like pink Floyd the wall

  2. Great cosplay ! Get cheap quality Final Fantasy cosplay costumes from and start your own Final Fantasy cosplay now !


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