Monday, May 18, 2015

The Best Final Fantasy Miqo'te Cosplayer

As the cat-like race from Eorzea in Final Fantasy series, the Miqo’te is a very cute and characteristic role, generally, anything relates to cat could capture people’s hearts more easily, because they look so adorable and lovely, so do the Miqo’te. So, there are so many cosplayers interested in doing this final fantasy cosplay.
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 Here I am going to share an awesome cosplay girl who is presenting quite beautiful and cute Miqo’te. I must say that she is one of the best cosplayer who shows a vivid and even more attractive Miqo’te. 

   Since the largest anime and manga convention Anime Expo in North America woule be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from July 2nd to 5th of 2015, this could be really a great idea.

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