Friday, April 27, 2012

Cute Final Fantasy IV White Mage Porom Cosplay

As the White Mage of the Final Fantasy Series, ff Porom is a cute girl rather than a sexy one in my heart. And it is quite interesting to cosplay final fantasy iv white mage Porom. She has different outside appearances in this series. And today’s topic is on her first appereance as it shows in the picture, which in the form of brown hair worn in a high ponytail, orange and white striped costume, which is worn with a green cloak and orange boots. Hence, she is a good cosplay choice for brown hair girl.
Yeah, the cosplay girl in the pic displays an interesting Porom by her cosplay costume and the wand. Her pose looks funny. It seems that the outfite suits her well and she has the similar body shape as Porom. In a word, she not only dresses the same as the imitated character, but also shows us a similar and vivid Porom. I love her final fantasy cosplay.

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