Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cute Final Fantasy IX Zidane Cosplay

Final Fantasy IX Zidane Tribal cosplay is always a good idea for both boys and girls (if females are willing to do crossplay), because he is a beautiful young guy with average build and blonde hair. In addition, Zidane has really cute costume, comes with teal vest, white shirt without sleeves, blue pants and belts, white jabot and a noticeable monkey-like tail, along with a pair of boots.
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This ff Zidane cosplay boy does cool job, the decent costume and the swords make him quite noticeable. And we know that Zidane Tribal loves to fawn over girls and is a helful and trusted friends all the time. He has blonde (yellow) hair and blue eyes. It looks like most blonde-haired guys are popular and handsome.

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