Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cool Final Fantasy Female Cloud and Squall Cosplay

There is no denying that there are lot of girls obsessed with final fantasy Cloud and Squall, two of them are quite handsome and cool guys. And we always would scream aloud when we see Cloud Strife cosplay or Squall cosplay. As for some female cosplayers, they love them so much that they would dress up as them by wearing the cool costumes and the sword. 
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However, some girls have curve figure that they would display sexy and feminine appeal but not the manful one. In this way, the gender-bending final fantasy Cloud and Squall cosplay become the ideal idea for such kind of girls. The same as these two excellent and sexy girls, they show us creative and eye-catching cosplay of Cloud and Aquall, do you agree? If you are also huge fan of these final fantasy boys but have sexy body shape, female version of boys would be great.

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