Friday, October 7, 2011

Final Fantasy XIII Sazh Katzroy Cosplay

Without doubt, final fantasy xiii Sazh Katzroy cosplay is the most ideal choice for these cosplayer who have black or tanned skin. Sazh is a playable character with a distinctive afro in FF XIII, and he is a friendly, cheerful and carefree man. Saving his son is Sazh's main motivation in the game. As for his appearance, he wears a long, olive coat over khaki trousers, a white button-down shirt, and black buckled engineer boots.
Cosplay final fantasy Sazh not only could make the impersonators become distinct but also could bring them a feeling of happiness and freedom comes from deep heart. He is impressive to a good many of the game players and the cosplayers. Any of you could do this cosplay as long as you like because the most important thing of costume play is get enjoyment and these purposive things you want originally.
Here I find a great imitato who shows us a perfect cosplay as it shows in the picture. His name is CrimsonDenizen. Yay! He is a great Sazh cosplayer. The cosplay costume, or the wig or maybe his real hair plus the weapon and other details, all of them look wondrous. Thanks him for sharing with us his picture.

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