Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sexy Final Fantasy VII Tifa Cosplay

Hey, this is a sexy and beautiful final fantasy vii Tifa cosplay, right? I found that there are so many excellent cosplays Crystal finished on Chibiasta.Deviantart. This is only one of them. She is from United States and I find another fantastic cosplayer. I love her cosplay costume very much, she looks really the same as Tifa. She did not use the black wig instead of her own hair. We cannot deny that Crystal finds her look-alike. What is more, the elbow guard made by her brother on her left arm makes her even more cosplay perfect. Yeah, she is a great impersonator.

We could always find that there are a good many of cosplay girls are interested in this final fantasy cosplay while so many old and new cosplay choices appear.Maybe because that Tifa is glamorous or maybe this is an easy cosplay but could display girl’s appeal to the fullest. Anyhow, all of could get different enjoyment from this cosplay.

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