Monday, February 18, 2013

Sexy or Cute Final Fantasy Rikku Cosplay?

Final fantasy Rikku is a cheerful and cute girl in the eyes of cosplay boys and girls, and of course she is a popular and well-liked character. In terms of ff Rikku cosplay, she has different clothes in this series, here focus on Rikku from ffx and ffx-2, cute and sexy, and then which Rikku do you preffer?

As the younger sister of Yuna, Rikku is a sunny young girl at the age of 15, she looks quite energetic and youthful all the time, yeah, we could find that from her face and behaviors. FF Rikku is really an adorable girl, she is one of my favorite characters from Final Fantasy :D Right, there are so many sexy and beautiful girls in this series, I love them :D

Cosplay final fantasy Rikku would bring us tons of enjoyment, take a look at these sexy and cute cosplayers, and then you would be attracted by them deeply^^

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