Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Final Fantasy X-2 Gun Mage Yuna Cosplay

On my part, I love every accoutrement final fantasy Yuna has in the games, with no exception of this ff x-2 Gun Mage Yuna attire. And I am really into the color of purple in my daily life, it looks magical, elegant and beautiful. Hence, this Yuna costume is quite appealing in my eyes. In addition, I love the design of the clothing, the close-fitting top, detached sleeves with trumpet-formed cuffs, and the long shirt has her name “YUNA” on it. It could help girls to display a sexy and good body shape to the fullest.
In this way, speaking of this final fantasy cosplay, it is a good choice for the fans of Yuna and the cosplayers who are willing to show their nice figure by means of wearing certain cosplay dress.
As for me, it is really hard to put on this dress in the show because I am not used to reveal my stomach in public. But who knows, maybe I would have it on someday.

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