Monday, March 11, 2013

Sexy Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Tifa Cosplay

Hey, this is sexy and beautiful final fantasy vii advent children Tifa Lockhart cosplay!! And it of course is one of the best Tifa cosplays I have seen in 2013, yeah, this cosplayer Princess just makes amazing job, probably, many of us would be misled by her look-alike face and body shape, “wow, it’s Tifa Lockhart, eh, it is Tifa cosplay!!”

Picture Credit

The black Tifa cosplay costume looks indeed beautiful and fits this charming girl perfectly. And Princess has beautiful figure, especially her bust :D I also love the gloves and shoes :D I am attracted by this final fantasy vii Tifa Lochart cosplay. So, I am here sharing it with you, hope you like it or get inspiration from it^^

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